In 2012 the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc. celebrated 45 successful years.  The club is an organisation of members whose shared interest is to promote and encourage interest in the Golden Retriever and to maintain the best features of the breed.  The Golden Retriever Club of Victoria was formed in 1967 and has grown from small beginnings to a membership spread throughout Australia and the world. 

The Golden Retriever Club of Victoria is affiliated with DOGS Victoria (The Victorian Canine Association Inc.) which represents the owners and breeders of purebred dogs in Victoria.  DOGS Victoria is a member of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) which is the national body for canine affairs in Australia.  The club is also a member of the National Golden Retriever Council which promotes quality breeding and care, training and exhibition of the Golden Retriever.

Club Events
During a typical year, the club conducts a Championship Show, an Open Show, two Retrieving Trials, an Obedience Trial, a Tracking Trial, general meetings and social events.  You are welcome to attend any meeting or event conducted by the club, however, an exhibitor at club events is required to be a member of DOGS Victoria.

Membership Benefits
A monthly newsletter, Guns N Sashes, is provided to members either by post or email.  It includes articles of interest to Golden Retriever owners and details of club events.   The newsletter provides the main link between the club and its members.

The club website (www.grcv.org.au) is also an important source of information for the public and club members.  It includes a wealth of information on the Golden Retriever and the club including photos and results of past club events.

The club also organises guest speakers to talk on many facets relating to dog ownership.  New members and visitors are welcome to attend our general meetings.  Details of the date and venue of these meetings are published in the newsletter.

Join Us!
If you are interested in your chosen breed and want to find out more about the Golden Retriever and his care, membership of the club that represents the breed is important and we encourage you to become a member of The Golden Retriever Club of Victoria.

We look forward to seeing you at some of our future activities.

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