Sometimes the breeder will ask you to enter into an agreement regarding the future breeding, showing or ownership of the puppy.  Only accept such an agreement if you clearly understand and agree to the terms proposed.  Any agreement should be in writing and signed by both parties, so that the conditions are clearly understood and accepted by both parties.

Such agreements are not mandatory and if you have any reservations you are not obliged to accept.

Sometimes a breeder will require you to sign a contract.  Again make sure that you understand the requirements and are willing to abide by them.



Deposits should only be paid when you are committed to owning the puppy. This should be after the puppies are born and after you have seen the puppies and their mother. Always ask for a receipt.



The Certificate of Registration and Pedigree is an important document and verifies that your puppy is a pure bred Golden Retriever.  The certificate shows your dog’s registered name and registration number and his official pedigree as recorded by the ANKC. You should recieve the original copy of this certificate when you collect your puppy.



Most puppies are registered on the DOGS Victoria Limited Register (orange certificate).  There are two DOGS Victoria registers for pure bred puppies; the Main Register and the Limited Register. Puppies recorded on the Limited Register are equal to Main Register puppies in all respects except that they are not able to be shown at conformation shows, are not to be used for breeding and are not to be exported. They are eligible to compete in all other competition including obedience, agility and tracking. A dog is able to be transferred to the Main Register on application by the breeder and registered owner.


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