Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc

Restricted to Group 3 Obedience Trial

KCC Park, Saturday 13 October 2012

The total entry for the 2012 Golden Retriever Club Obedience Trial was twenty eight. The trial was held at KCC Park in conjunction with the GRCV Championship Show and the Gordon Setter Club of Victoria (GSCV) Restricted to Group 3 obedience trial. The GRCV restricted obedience trial was held in the afternoon following the GSCV trial in the morning.

It was a great team effort from both Clubs and the dual events were an outstanding success. Thank you to the judges, stewards and all the willing helpers who assisted in running this event, without you it just would not happen.

My sincere thanks to Cheryl Gibson as the retiring trial secretary for this event for her invaluable assistance; also to Linda Beer (GSCV) for all her hard work behind the scenes taking the entries and doing the catalogue and pass-cards.

There were ten Golden Retrievers entered, with three of them gaining passes on the day.

Congratulations to the Golden Retrievers and their handlers who gained passes and titles at our trial: -

Community Companion Class
Wally Mossop & T Ch Goldnymph Oberon NRA 1st place

Novice Class
Ashamber Kennels & Ashamber Katchme If Yakan CCD RN 2nd place

Open Class
A & R Brogan & Jamarang Biskit Brogan CDX ET RN 2nd place

The Clive Gibson Trophy for the Highest Score in Trial donated by Cheryl Gibson was awarded to I & G Todd’s German Shorthaired Pointer Abtei Dual Star CDX from the Open Class with a score of 195 points.

The Aspley Golden Lady AOC Trophy for the Highest Scoring Golden Retriever in Trial donated by Cheryl Gibson was awarded to Adrian Brogan and Jamarang Biskit Brogan CDX ET RN with a score of 189 points also from the Open Class.

Looking forward to doing it all again in 2013!!


Judge:  Mr Fred Brueckner



W Mossop Golden Retriever    


Judge: Mr Gordon Parsons


GRAEBROOK NO PEEKING CCD L Sharp Hungarian Vizsla  


Judge:  Mrs Dawn Howard

  ABTEI DUAL STAR CDX I C & G K Todd   German Shorthaired Pointer


UTILITY Judge: Mr Gordon Parsons
  ROBMON MOON SERENADE JD AD UD  P & C Plumridge Cocker Spaniel  
  ABTEI DUAL STAR CDX I C & G K Todd   German Shorthaired Pointer  

JAMARANG BISKIT BROGAN CDX ET RN                           

A & R Brogan Golden Retriever