Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc

3rd Golden Retriever National Restricted Obedience Trial

Sunday 5 November 2000

On Sunday 5 November, Golden Retrievers and their handlers gathered at Cranbourne Racecourse for the 3rd Golden Retriever National Restricted Obedience Trial, which was held in conjunction with the 3rd Golden Retriever National Championship Show.  We had a record entry of 49 Goldens in this trial including a number of interstate exhibitors and would like to thank everyone for their support of this event.

As it turned out, although rain had been forecast, it was a beautiful sunny day and a few people ended up with sunburnt faces.  We were situated some way from the conformation rings which made it harder for spectators who wanted to see the Goldens working, but we hope that everyone who wanted to have a look was able to do so.  There certainly was some fine work on display.

There were the usual stories of mistakes made that cost placings and there were unfortunate stories of dogs and handlers that just missed out on that elusive prize.  Unfortunately that’s how obedience trialling operates.

We ended up with two very worthy winners for Best Dog in Trial and Best Bitch in Trial.  Best Dog In Trial was Trevor Arnold’s Quaygold King Tide UD who is about to retire from competition and certainly went out in style.  And Best Bitch In Trial was Helen Pownall’s Winterset Moonlight Lady CDX NRD.

Congratulations to all the class winners on a fine effort.

Our last event of the day was the judging of our special class - The Golden Retriever Obedience Dog of the Year.  The Goldens competing in this class had to qualify in order to compete by submitting six qualifying scores gained throughout the year.  The quality of work seen in this class was excellent and the Goldens and their handlers attracted a number of spectators.

At this level of competition even a small mistake, such as a slow sit or a crooked stand can make the difference between winning and a place.

The gallery watched in awe as these dogs and handlers displayed their excellence.

Our winner was Marion Manson and Yellowfetch Aftershock CDX and we congratulate them both on a grand performance.

The Golden Retriever Club provided a fantastic trophy table with the Golden Retriever Obedience Dog of the Year being awarded a beautiful bronze statue of a Golden Flushing Quail and the Best Dog and Best Bitch taking home beautiful bronze statues of Goldens Retrieving Pheasant.  These winners also received a lovely director’s chair with a hand painted Golden.  Class winners were awarded Border Fine Arts Golden figurines.

Thank to our sponsor Pal, who provided vouchers for the class winners and place getters and an umbrella for the Obedience Dog of the Year.

Thank you to our judges, Lynn Klecka, Margaret Deakes and Clive Makepeace and our stewards Pam Makepeace and Sue Ashman.  We hope you enjoyed your day.

And to our regular band of helpers - Peter Doley, Helen Pownall, Chris Edgley and Kelvin Marriott, our thanks yet again.  Thanks to Lea and Laurie Cogley for the use of the obedience equipment and to Kerryn Cunningham for the photos of our class winners.

Thank you to everyone for a great day, especially the exhibitors – you certainly helped to make our National Restricted Obedience Trial a success.

Restricted Obedience Trial Results & Photos