There are lots of activities that you and your Golden Retriever can get involved in.  Together you can have lots of fun!

All dogs registered with DOGS Victoria are able to compete in Conformation Shows, Obedience Trials, Tracking Trials and Agility Trials.  Gundog breeds can also compete in Retrieving and Field Trials where they do the work they were originally bred for – the hunting and retrieving of game.

Your participation in events is only limited by the amount of time you have and the talent of you and your dog.

Competing in dog events is a lot of fun and you will meet dog owners who are just as committed to their dogs as you.  And you can earn titles for your dog and compete for club awards.

Pure bred dogs should already be registered with DOGS Victoria.  If not you can register your dog on the associate register, but you will not be able to enter all events.  You will need to transfer your dog into your name and to become a member of DOGS Victoria.  To compete in conformation shows your dog must be registered on the Main Register.

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