4 February 1970 – 12 February 1985 

Sire: Yendisa Sam

Dam:  Marstonmey Debbie

Owned by:  Ruth Nicholls

Bred by:   J W Stonebridge

Lady was born of a breeding from little known parents.  However her pedigree includes such well known names as;  Bolty Comet, Boltby Skylon, Halsham Hazel, Debutante of Silverpeaks. Kyvalley Kyva . and Edmay Brandy – all well known champions - as well as a few Leolines and Westleys.

Lady trained at the Croydon Obedience Club and she began trialling in 1972 gaining her Companion Dog and Companion Dog Excellent in the minimum number of trials and winning Open B class at the Royal Show along the way.  She completed her Utility Dog title in six trials and was the first Golden Retriever in Victoria to be awarded a Utility Dog title.  All of her passes for her Utility Dog title were first places.

In 1975 and 1976 she competed in tracking trials passing the two Tracking Dog and six Tracking Dog Excellent tracks mostly with excellent gradings.  Lady was the first Golden Retriever in Australia to gain both her obedience Utility Dog Title and her Tracking Dog Excellent Title.  She was also the first Golden Retriever in Victoria to earn the title of Australian Obedience Champion.

At seven years of age she began working in non-slip retrieving trials with a completely ignorant handler and it says much for her natural ability that she was awarded a Qualifying Certificate in retrieving in her second trial, also gaining second place in Novice.  This made her the first dog of any breed in Victoria to earn qualifying certificates in obedience, tracking and retrieving. 

Although she was not a show dog, Lady’s reliability and obvious joy in working made her a marvellous ambassador for the breed.