30 January 1979 – November 1982

Sire: Strelyna Shenendoah

Dam: Cambronze Genaveve

Owned by:  John and Vicky Lawton  FERNTIP GOLDEN RETRIEVERS

Bred by: H Cook

Tang was our first Golden Retriever.  He was a birthday present for the wife.  Tang was a very outgoing type of dog, full of energy.  On becoming members of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria, we learnt of field and retrieving trials, so I went along to view a trial with Tang.  Tang was very excited, wanting to join in the hunting of those rabbits.  With a little bit of training we entered our first Novice Field Trial when Tang was seventeen months old.  It was a cold wet July day, in the back hills of Bacchus Marsh.  Tang was lucky enough to receive a Qualifying Certificate (QC) as well as being placed second in the competition.  This was the start of a sixteen year association with Golden Retrievers.   Tang went on to be placed second and then first in Novice Field Trials before he was two years of age.

We also entered Tang in the obedience trials and he gained his Companion Dog (CD) Title at twenty months.  At times he worked very well but other days he refused to work as if it was boring.

Tang’s forte was in retrieving.  He loved to retrieve.  He received his Qualifying Certificate (QC) and was placed second in a Novice Retrieving Trial at nineteen months.  He won a first place in the Novice trial at eighteen months and then won an All Age Retrieving trial the following week.

This being our first dog in a new type of competition, it felt the sky was the limit.  We entered a competition in January 1981.  Tang went for a retrieve across water, picked up the bird, swam half way back to an island, put the bird down and refused to come back.  The judge at the time, Mr Jack Montasell said to take him home and give him a rest from retrieving.   With eight months of rest and no trials we entered our next All Age trial and won the event.  This gave Tang his Retrieving Trial Championship Title - the first Golden Retriever in Victoria to achieve this title.

In October 1981 at the Labrador Club Retrieving Trial at Werribee, Tang was awarded the Certificate of Merit (CM) by the judge, Mr Bob Maver, who stated that it was the first CM certificate he had issued for thirteen years.  Tang went on to win a few more All Age Trials when we had to transfer to Gippsland for work.  This slowed us down in entering trials.  A short time after transferring to Gippsland, Tang was tragically killed at three years of age.  Rest in Peace.

John & Vicky Lawton.