We survived!  It was full on for three days.  A huge thank you to all Team Golden members.  Sue B. and David were priceless turning up at 7am on Friday to help me organise the stand.  We were in a good spot upstairs close to DOGS Vic.  We knew the demo would be small but being tucked in the corner didn’t help.

We managed to fit in three or four dogs at a time plus help from the public young and old.  David earned more brownie points by helping to assemble the speaker system and replacing batteries when required.  Lyn and Piper were invaluable turning up every day.  Sue B. and Max came back again on Saturday. Hollie and Darcy, Karen and Ari, Phil and PR extraordinaire Jo, Norma and Kiri, Dee and Tigger, Enya and Spud plus members of the Moore family did a great job and time shared over the three days.

It was exciting to be told Team Golden were on Ch10 on Friday night especially as the main arena was downstairs.  We didn’t realise a camera would find us upstairs. On Saturday Lyn and Piper participated in the All Breeds dog show and were voted Second in the public vote for Most Popular Dog at the Dog Lover’s Show.  On Sunday Zita and I had a go and were voted First Place by the public.  (Nothing to do with me ‘working the crowd’, of course!)  It was fun to win on behalf of our beautiful breed.

The venue was great with free access to wander in and out with our dogs.  There were lots of stands with freebies and advice plus eating areas etc on both levels.  I did not hear a single complaint by public or exhibitors over the three days.

Again, thank you Team Golden members.
Cheers Dodo


For the Royal 2013 we did four days with demonstrations at least twice each day. Each morning we had to find an area large enough to bench the dogs and each day I had to scout around looking for an empty ring to do the demos, as the conformation etc. naturally took preference. We ended up doing demos in the obedience ring, artificial grass area and the indoor arenas. We worked in sunshine, high winds and cold conditions but our wonderful handlers and Goldies cheerfully adapted to whatever was handed to them.

On several occasions our 1.30pm time slot was at 2.30pm and the 3pm was after 4pm. On Tuesday 24th this worked out to our advantage as Radio 1278 asked for an interview at 3pm. After checking that our time slot was running nearly two hours late I was able to give the interview and plug our 'Team Golden'. 

As in past years we were well received with lots of eager children wishing to help. One afternoon I handed them the dishes to do 'food refusal' and they [the dishes] flew away...... the children thought it was fun retrieving dishes & food before we could continue the exercise. This year we worked to keep it interesting by doing several fun things in the ring simultaneously. On our last demo, on the last day, there was no one waiting to use the ring so we kept doing tricks etc after the demo finished. The public stayed with us and  kept asking for more!

All this could not have been successfully achieved but for our very patient handlers and dogs. Unfortunately, not all our team members could take the time off work to join us at the Royal but gave their time to help us train.

Thank you to the TG members for their effort at The Royal 2013..........

Ray Ashman with Kayla, Sue Ashman with Norma Harry's dog Kiri, Renee Ashman with Bosco, Sue Burhop with Max, Hollie Edwards with Darcy, Peter Howard with Scarlett, Philip Jordon with Dodo's Trooper, Lyn Locke with Piper (L plates!) and Dodo's Zita, Dee Moore with Tigger, Enya Moore with Spud and Karen Stanfield with Ari.

Dodo Kelly
October 2013.      

golden with basket   flag
Group Circle Group Sit
The Jumps

We have all heard the expression “hurry up and wait”.  The Golden Retrievers and their handlers learnt a lot about patience on Monday 12th March 2012.  Well, we all know the dogs have an abundance of that, it was the handlers who had to refrain from asking “is it 11am yet”? After two mass rehearsals during the week we were finally heading to participate in the Moomba Parade.  Up at 5am, in the city to meet the team at 7am, walk through the park to Melbourne Grammar to check in for 8 am, then retreat to the shade of Alexander Gardens and wait for our curtain call to join the parade starting at 11am.

Other participants were gathered in a very hot underground car park, then queued in a rear street waiting their turn to move. Wonderful colourful scenes of glitter, costumes, make up and people running every way.  Members of the hard working Moomba organising team came across to us in the park with information (& some misinformation!) always with bottles of water for us and the Goldies. We finally were asked to line up, with our coffee cups in hand, behind the Moombar coffee float.  We immediately retreated to the side of the road to the shade of the nearby trees!   This is when the patting and photographs of the Goldies started and never stopped till we drove home at 2pm. During this waiting time we had a visit from Denise Drysdale.  As the owner of two dogs she couldn’t resist coming to say hello.

When we finally proceeded down St Kilda Road things just became a blur of excited people and music in bright sunshine, with the Moomba marshals and I losing control of our GR allotted space because everyone wanted to pat our lovely dogs, who were looking so great in their new Team Golden vests.  None of us believed it was a 40 minute walk as the time simply flew by. (Doesn’t it always when you are having fun?)

Unfortunately there was no joy from the media.  Channel 7 went to an advert break just as the cameras got to us but the public gave us a great reception. After the parade we had a picnic in the park with our dogs relaxing on the cool grass – still getting lots of pats and photographs taken.  This is GRCV’s second appearance at Moomba.  Will we do it again? Don’t ask, at least for a few days until our feet hit the ground again.

Dodo Kelly

Dodo & Denise

Once again the demonstration team for GRCV “Team Golden” were asked to perform at the Royal Melbourne Show. This year, for the first time, we were asked to attend during the lunch times. The organisers at the Royal were very helpful in giving us car park passes from 11am till 2pm plus an all day pass for the last day. They opened the gate to allow us to enter and exit whenever we wished and even carried equipment to the benches for us. Thank you, Estelle and John.

Team members made the effort to get there, even to the point of juggling work and demos. There were a few dogs under the work desks during the week. One member just popped in via the train to say hello and found he was participating in the demo with a borrowed spare shirt and Goldie! We had three new members and they did a great job, despite only a few training sessions.

We attended on four days and the main theme was to have fun. When we weren’t performing in the ring, we always had people around us at the benches. We moved the barricades away so strollers, wheel chairs, walking frames, etc could reach the dogs. And every day it was hard to leave and move out through the crowd. Every man, woman and child wanted a pat, hugs plus photos.  Of course, our lovely dogs were more than happy to oblige and go back for more.

Demos were held in both of the outside rings and when the thunderstorm came through on Wednesday we finished the fun individual stuff indoors. On the last day we did two performances. The morning one went as usual but in the afternoon I threw the ring open to the children. Each handler had a least three helpers for the fun heeling and games!

The highlight of my week was the “V” exercise when the handlers leave their dogs in the drop position. All the dogs were so happy staying in position with children sitting on the ground beside them.  Even Tigger, who is blind, wasn’t worried that mum left because a little hand was tickling the ears. If only someone could provide us with a photo.

Thank you to all our Team Golden members and their lovely Goldens.

Dodo Kelly

Royal 2011

Would the Golden Retriever Club like to participate in this year‘s Moomba Parade along with the German Shepherd Club?   Great, what publicity! There have been no dogs taking part for 30 years. Would I, as the convenor of Team Golden, organise the required ten Goldies for a practise on the 5th March and the parade on the 14 March?   Certainly, no problem -  how wrong could I be? 

Moomba is a long weekend with a lot of activities.  Our Golden Retriever owners were at obedience trials, shows, conferences and simply away on holiday.  The Moomba organisers never realised I only had ten dogs and handlers together just days before the parade.  Karen, a friend of Hollie and Kylie, a nurse I know from Warrandyte Vet Clinic volunteered to help us.   However it was worth it and we had great fun. 

At the first practise on the 5th March at Docklands five Golden Retriever handlers plus Norma‘s husband Len and my daughter Louise (just to make the numbers look good!) were put through the paces of timing, spacing, etc for a parade.  Our brief was - Best in Show - but they asked what we could do to entertain the public.  The German Shepherd Club went along with the conformation idea which included a Judge.  So The Golden Retriever Club decided to go with the working ability theme of our dogs.

On the 12th March I went alone to another practise session at RMIT.  There were bands playing, Indian drums, costumes and props everywhere.  I felt as if I had joined the circus. 

It was arranged for us to park our cars at the end of the parade opposite the Arts Centre so we met there at 8am on the morning of Moomba and walked up to the State Library.  With the front lawns, this was a perfect spot for our dogs to wait and pick up the parade proceeding around the corner at RMIT.  Fortunately the weather was dry and sunny but not too hot.  

We wore catalogue numbers with the handler and dog’s names plus the GRCV website address.  And we used the Team Golden green leads for each dog and to add to the fun, the demo dog bandanas.   We did a formation display right along the route with 360 degree turns, drops, stepping around or over our dogs, also silent commands to drop, sit, stand and come.  Any time the parade came to a halt our dogs went to the sides of the street for pats and cuddles.  The huge crowd just loved it.  Families followed us to the end of the parade to say hello.  Our lovely Goldens behaved beautifully.  Their ages ranged from nine months old to ten years old.

Thank you to the handlers; Norma with Meg; Hollie with Kira (Norma‘s second dog); Philip with Jasper; Peter with Scarlett; Kylie with Zita (Dodo‘s second dog); Wally with Jed; Pat with Sunney; Karen with Darcy (Hollie‘s dog) and Carol with Sasha.

We unanimously agreed we would definitely do it all again.
Dodo (and of course Trooper)
Team Leader GRCV Moomba 2011                                           


Team Golden enjoyed giving four demonstrations at the Pet Expo on the 19th and 20th February 2011.

There was a lot of activity over the two days at Caulfield Racecourse. We had a good crowd on Saturday morning but unfortunately not many in the afternoon. I learnt later we were on at the same time as the Vet Talk indoors. Even our lovely Goldens were no match for Dr Chris Brown!

Sunday was a cooler damp day but we had fun with good crowds for our two performances.

Thank you to the members of Team Golden for putting in the effort, not only at the demo, but travelling to practise sessions, carrying around equipment and turning up with happy dogs on behalf of the GRCV.

Dodo Kelly


Team Golden presented four demonstrations at the 2010 Royal. All were at 6.00pm after the conformation judging was completed with good attendance from the appreciative public.

On the 19th September (Golden Retriever Day) we spent all day on the benches promoting the club with our very patient dogs interacting with the public. It was an effort to make it on the day with four members at the Ballarat Obedience trial, one at the Golden Retriever Retrieving trial, one on holiday, one with a broken leg, another member ill plus a dog with ligment problems. Seven Team Golden members managed to find the energy to do a good job at our demo and we headed home after 7.00pm, so it was a long but rewarding twelve hour day!

On Tuesday 21st September, nine members, some coming direct from work to the showgrounds put on a very good demonstration. We had a slight problem when one of our dogs realised there had been a bitch on heat in the ring an hour before our demo! The public enjoyed watching this 'obedient' dog lose the plot. (The joys of owning a dog!) Too late I was informed that DOGS Victoria had spent hundreds of dollars on a ring spray but had not used it.

Needless to say on Friday 24th September we worked in the sprayed real grass ring. It was a better lit area with easier access for the public. There was a realy good turn out and Dawn and Scarlett kicked it off with a tracking demonstration. I would love to say this demo went off without a hitch but the microphone broke down. Ray continued walking around the ring, still in formation, checking it for me while Peter raced off for new batteries and between the two of them got me in working order again.

Apart from rain on Monday 27th September the demo went very well and the public were there as usual to cheer us on.

We were lucky to have storage space at the showgrounds, so thankfully it wasn't neccessary to carry our equipment back and forth for each demonstration. A huge thank you to Team Golden for putting in 101% and thank you to Clive Makepeace for the loan of the high jump.

Dodo Kelly Team Golden Convenor


On Monday 26 April 2010, Doug, Elizabeth and I went to Melbourne for the DOGS Victoria Meet the Dogs of Melbourne promotion.

I was a bit apprehensive about taking Digby into Federation Square - it is so busy and noisy. We got a pleasant surprise. There was a map included with our information from DOGS Victoria and everything ran smoothly.

We had an escort from the car to the venue. It was smaller than I expected but there was a grassed area at the front facing Flinders Street and the trams were rambling past. Digby was fascinated by the bells on them. The weather was perfect and the crowd soon began to arrive. Elizabeth and my daughter took Digby through the crowd and let everyone pat him. He enjoyed every moment!

There were two dogs from each group on show and the judge eliminated one from each. Digby was selected from Group 3. The crowd was invited to vote for their favourite dog by applauding. Two other Goldens, Mimi and Trrooper, showing their agility and obedience prowess, both recieved lots of applause.

I think overall everyone enjoyed themselves, all the dogs behaved very well and the crowd seemed to be impressed.

Digby was voted the best dog by the people.

Ch Perrecca Unprecedented (Digby) Ashamber Field Of Dreams JD TD (Mimi)
Obedience group with Fernfall Gallant Trooper UD RRD ET (Trooper)

We had three great days with our wonderful Team Golden who performed two demonstrations on each of the three days so six demos all together. A lot to ask of any dog and handler but they came through with flying colours.

I was in the team on Friday, then sat amongst the crowd on Saturday and Sunday while Ray Ashman worked my dog and I heard so much good feedback and was so proud of our Team Golden.

We had all team members performing over the three days, so our hours of training and travelling paid off. A special thank you to Dodo Kelly for all her work and commitment to the team. Dodo also did the six Gundogs are Fundogs displays with various gundog breeds. Of course Goldens featured in this as well and she also had helpers from the audience participating, mainly older children who were thrilled to be associating and playing with the different breeds.

Well done Team Golden and thanks to the team members who helped out on the breed stand.


by roving reporter Norma Harry


See Team Golden at the Royal Melbourne Show 2009 (mp4 file 91MB - 12:24 minutes)


On Saturday 9 May 2009 many dog owners and their dogs gathered at Whittlsea for the Community Dog Walk to raise funds for bushfire affected animals. After the walk, there was plenty of entertainment. Team Golden provided a display, the German Shepherd Dog Club ran an agility demonstration and there were DOGS Victoria showbags, giveaways, heelwork to music displays and plenty of good cheer. The walk raised more than $3000 for The Vet Practice who were caring for many displaced and injured animals affected by the Black Saturday bushfires.


In 2009 the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria was invited to be the feature breed on one day of the Pet Expo weekend.  The Pet Expo is a major exhibition of pet related merchandise and breed stands providing information to the public. 

So on Saturday 14 February 2009, Golden Retrievers arrived in force at Caulfield Racecourse to showcase our breed.  On display was a Championship Show complete with judge, stewards and coiffure dogs.  Our action teams provided demonstrations throughout the day of obedience, agility and retrieving.

Demo Team retrieving demo
The Obedience Demonstration Team in action Digger (Winterset Anzac RRD) showing style in the retrieving demonstration

On Thursday 5 February 2009 the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria and the demo team attended the Nestle Purina Sales Conference and provided dogs and handlers for a team building exercise. The scheduled events were a combination of obedience and agility mixed into one with some other fun exercises.

The day's great success was thanks to the demo team and Dodo Kelly and our relationship with Purina was further strengthened.


In January 2008 the club was involved in a promotional activity for the breed.

Totally Wild is a children’s television show on the Channel 10 network.  The producers of Totally Wild invited members of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria to be involved in their segment on the Golden Retriever breed.

So on Wednesday 23 January 2008 many members and their dogs met at KCC Park for an afternoon of filming which resulted in a segment on the popular TV Show about the Golden Retriever.