Team Golden is a dedicated group of members and their Golden Retrievers demonstrating the wonderful talents of the Golden Retriever breed. Golden Retrievers are loving family pets but can also be trained to provide services to special needs people. They are biddable, intelligent and possess natural working ability.

The official launch of our newly formed Golden Retriever display team appropriately named "Team Golden" was at the club's awards dinner on Saturday 2 May 2009. A number of dedicated member had been working very hard to present a worthy display of Golden Retrievers completing a variety of activities. Their first event was the Nestle Purina Sales Conference in early February (Thursday 5 February 2009) and then the Pet Expo at Caulfield Racecourse. The club realised that we were onto something good and further developed the concept of an official Golden Retriever Club demo team.

Team Golden have gone on to great success performing at the Royal Melbourne Show and marching in the Moomba Parade much to the delight of spectators. Team Golden are very noticeable in their team polo shirts and hats with the dogs sporting green and gold team vests.

Team Golden is available to perform at a variety of public events with the aim of promoting not only responsible dog ownership, but the natural ability of our breed. Contact the Team Golden Co-ordinator

See Team Golden's activities on our Promotional Events page.

Team Golden at the Royal Melbourne Show 2009 (mp4 file 91MB - 12:24 minutes)

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