The Puppy List is a list of breeders with puppies who have complied with the requirements of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria’s Puppy Referral Scheme.

• The breeder has been a member of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria for two consecutive years

• Both the sire and the dam of the puppies have hip and elbow grading scheme certificates

• Both the sire and dam of the puppies have current eye certificates

• Both the sire and dam of the puppies have clear heart certificates

Club members are obliged to abide by club’s code of ethics and DOGS Victoria's Regulations, Codes, Policies & Procedures.

The club does not endorse or recommend any individual breeder and accepts no liability in respect of this.  The club accepts no responsibility for puppies purchased through the puppy list. All purchases and agreements are negotiated between the buyer and the breeder.

Please read our information on looking for a puppy including Why Choose a Golden Retriever and The Golden Retriever thoroughly and make sure that the Golden Retriever is a suitable breed for your family and lifestyle.


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Sorry there are no current listings. Please contact breeders directly on our Breeder's List.

From 1 January 2012 the microchip identification number of a puppy must be included in any advertisement. Advertisements must include a microchip number or have a veterinary certificate stating that the puppies are too young to microchip as it would be prejudicial to their health. As soon as the puppies are of an age suitable for microchipping, in the opinion of a veterinarian, the microchip details must be added to the advertisement.

Puppy Help Line
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