Saturday 20th September 2008
Judge: Mrs Rose-Marie Cabion (South Africa)

No of Entries: 70


Minor Puppy Dog

1st Emperosgold Quicksilver—Mr P & Mrs D Bristow
2nd Waikipark Classic Promise—Waikipark Kennels


Puppy Dog

1st Giltedge Who Dares Wins—Mr S Addison
2nd Larbellah Take The Lead—Beaucroft Kennels
3rd Santamaria Georg Jenson—Ms D Lee
4th Santamaria Blonde O Blonde—Ms D Lee


Junior Dog

1st Iamgoldn Fair Dinkum—A & D Crowley
2nd Fernfall Super Nova—Ms A Mason


Intermediate Dog

1st Ch Acacian Aiming High—Ms C Hobbelen
2nd Ch Trigolden Luv To Tango—Mrs L Harrowfield
3rd Waikipark Gold Crusader—Waikipark Kennels
4th Trigolden Cajun Ulysses—T Cosh & Mr J Kyriakopoulos


Australian Bred Dog

1st Ch Fernfall Aramis Gold—Mr S Addison
2nd Ch Acacian Special Event—Beaucroft Kennels
3rd Ch Lynika Bound For Glory—Mrs A Blainey


Open Dog

1st Gr Ch Tulzean Autumn Tango—Ms J Fall
2nd Ch Waikipark Rocky Heights—Waikipark Kennels
3rd Ch Perrecca Unprecedented—Mr D & Mrs J Patterson


Challenge Dog
Gr Ch Tulzean Autumn Tango - Ms J Fall

Reserve Challenge Dog
Ch Acacian Aiming High - Ms C Hobbelen



Best of Breed

Gr Ch Tulzean Autumn Tango - Ms J Fall


Runner Up Best of Breed
Ch Acacian Aiming High - Ms C Hobbelen


Best Puppy of Breed

Giltedge Who Dares Wins -Mr S Addison

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Emperosgold Star Quest—Mr P & Mrs D Bristow
2nd Kaparla Classic Catch—Ms J Fall
3rd Fernamber Lantaana—Mr P & Mrs D Howard


Puppy Bitch

1st Santamaria Dancinwtstars—Ms D Lee
2nd Trigolden Scarlett—Mrs L Harrowfield


Junior Bitch

1st Tarengold Autumn Whisper—Mrd D Edwards
2nd Santamaria Diamond Lil—Ms D Lee
3rd Wyandra All That Jazz—Mrs R Hillyer


Intermediate Bitch

1st Dalvuigold Miss Emma—Mrs W Duynhoven
2nd Emperosgold Aussie Idol—Mr P & Mrs D Bristow
3rd Crowlee Lil Town Flirt—A & D Crowley


Australian Bred Bitch

1st Ch Acacian Bella Donna—Ms C Hobbelen
2nd Dalvuigold Miss Millie—Mrs W Duynhoven
3rd Ch Fernfall Annabella—Dr I & Mrs W Johnson


Open Bitch

1st Ch Whylaway Formal Attire—A & D Crowley
2nd Ch Santamaria Mandaleh—Ms D Lee
3rd Ch Waikipark Golden Destiny—Waikipark Kennels



Challenge Bitch

Ch Acacian Bella Donna - Ms C Hobbelen

Reserve Challenge Bitch

Ch Whylaway Formal Attire - A & D Crowley






Jane Fall