Regardless of whether your Golden Retriever is a family companion or competes in conformation shows or trials, basic obedience training is a must.  An adult Golden Retriever is a large and strong dog and needs to be well mannered and obedient.  A well behaved dog is a pleasure to own.

Obedience training not only teaches you basic methods of training, it teaches your dog to respect you and strengthens the relationship between you and your dog.  You will begin to understand his behaviour.

Training classes are a must for every puppy or dog, providing mental stimulation and social activity.  Attending obedience classes gives your dog the opportunity of associating with other dogs and teaches him how to behave and interact sensibly with other dogs and people.  The classes are fun and a good way to meet other people who share an interest in dogs.

Golden Retrievers respond very well to positive, reward based methods of training.   The Golden Retriever was bred for his intelligence and desire to please.  If trained using reward based methods he will be a willing partner in the learning process, especially one that involves teaching him to think and solve problems. 

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