Membership Terms & Conditions

The Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Introductory Membership Offer comprises the waiving of both the Joining Fee and First Year Subscription Fee for the Individual Single Member Level only.

The following terms and conditions apply to the Introductory Membership Offer (hereafter also described as “The Offer”):


These Terms and Conditions of Use form part of the Application for Membership.

The Offer is for a single one time only use and applies to one applicant for the Individual Single Membership Level.

No other offers or discounts may be applied to this offer.

The Offer is made at the sole discretion of the Committee of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria. The Club may alter, adjust or remove the availability of this offer at any time.

The Club may make eligibility for The Offer conditional (eg. The Offer may be made available to purchasers of specified Club merchandise or products from time to time, or to purchasers of puppies from a Club Member Breeder). In the event that The Offer is made available subject to any condition/s the Club reserves the right to verify the applicant’s eligibility and the validity of the Code.

The Offer can only be redeemed via online membership application on the GRCV website.

The Offer can only be redeemed by providing a valid Introductory Membership Offer Code.

The Offer comprises the waiving of the Joining Fee and Subscription Fee valid for one year immediately after approval of the application by the Committee.

At the completion of the Introductory Membership Offer period, the annual renewal rate will become due and payable.

At the end of the Introductory Membership Offer period the member may choose to renew their membership at the same Individual Single Member Level or may choose to change their membership level to any of the available levels (eg. Dual, Family or Pensioner) and pay the relevant annual fee for that membership level.

In the event that the applicable renewal fee is not paid the membership will lapse and become cancelled.

All normal Club Membership Application processes and policies apply to The Offer.

As per Club Rules, this Introductory Membership Level does NOT entitle the Introductory Member to voting rights as it is a non-financial membership category. The Introductory Level Member may choose to change their Introductory Level status to a fully paid Membership Level category at any time during the Introductory period and will then have the full voting rights as per the Club Rules.

All Club Rules, policies and codes of conduct apply to the Introductory Level Members (with the exception of voting rights above) and Membership may be suspended or withdrawn for non-compliance of same.

The Club reserves the right to refuse an application at the sole discretion of the Committee of Management.

Membership is not valid until and unless ratified and accepted by the Committee in accordance with standing procedures.

All applicants must read, understand and agree to comply with GRCV Rules, Policies and Code of Ethics, and any other legislation, policies or codes of practice deemed relevant by the Club.


Management Committee

Golden Retriever Club of Victoria