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Rally is a lot of fun and promotes a positive relationship between dog and owner, it can be described as a combination of agility and obedience.

A Rally course is set out with numbered signs. Competitors walk the course to become familiar with it before competing. Dogs and their handlers then navigate the course, following the numbers and carrying out the exercise shown on each sign. Dogs are in the heel position between exercises. At the novice level dogs negotiate a shorter course and work on-lead during the test. The higher levels of Rally use more signs with more complex tasks and the dogs complete the courses off-lead. Competitors are allowed to use multiple hand and verbal cues and can praise and encourage their dog throughout the performance.

Rally was designed for the average dog owner but is also suitable for experienced obedience and agility competitors, providing another way to compete with their dog, particularly as their dog becomes older and less able to manage the more strenuous aspects of those sports. A Rally trial has a far more relaxed atmosphere than other dog sports.

See the ANKC Rules for Rally Trials.