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The Breed Standard

In a conformation competition, the judge assesses the dogs according to how closely they meet the breed standard.


Types of Shows

There are different types of dog shows in Australia; Championship Shows, Open Shows or Parades and Member’s Competitions. To be eligible to compete in most of these shows, a dog must be registered with the State controlling body on the Main Register and the owner must also be a financial member of that body.

Desexed dogs are eligible to compete in conformation shows where a class is offered for neuter dogs. Challenge points towards the title of Champion are only awarded at Championship Shows. Show schedules can be found in the Dogs Victoria magazine and on the website. Schedules list the judges, entry fees, judging times and sequence and catering arrangements.

The best way to ensure your dog has an equal opportunity in competition is to present them in the best possible condition by following a regular grooming and training program.

In the show ring, the judge will look in your dog’s mouth to check the teeth and bite and will examine your dog to check muscle and bone structure. There are many excellent books and online resources available that contain information on training for the show ring.

Also contact your breeder for advice as they often have extensive experience in showing their dogs and will provide advice and assistance.